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Friday, March 15, 2013

Should the San Francisco Giants Be Worried About Hector Sanchez?

The news out of San Francisco Giants spring training has only been negative for backup catcher Hector Sanchez.  The 23-year-old showed up overweight to camp, then injuries have limited his play during arguably the most crucial period of spring.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

San Francisco Giants Show Support for Super Bowl-Bound 49ers on Twitter

The 2012 World Series champs are taking sides in Super Bowl XLVII. Coincidentally, they're firmly planted behind the team that so happens to call San Francisco home, as well.  Giants players have taken to Twitter since watching the 49ers defeat the Atlanta Falcons and advance to the Super Bowl on Feb. 3., showing their support for San Francisco and the Bay Area's recent success in sports.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Report: Posey Not Playing For Team USA in World Baseball Classic

Buster Posey said during the MLB playoffs that he would like to play for Team USA during the World Baseball Classic that starts in March, but that will not be the case.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman, Posey is reportedly playing it safe by staying away from the WBC in order to focus

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Locking Up Buster Posey: How Much Is Too Much For the San Francisco Giants?

Buster Posey's historic 2012 season earned him a box full of accolades, and with the Giants looking to spend money to lock up their respective free agents, this offseason may be the best time to lock up Posey as well.

How much do the Giants pay Posey? Probably the farm and then some -- but the years will be the most significant part of one of the biggest contracts offered in the MLB.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buster Posey To Start At Catcher on Friday For San Francisco Giants

After the 2011 season was left in shambles and a key piece of the future of the franchise wavering in the balance, the wait is over for the San Francisco Giants.  Buster Posey will reportedly be starting behind the plate on Friday when the Giants take on the Cincinnati Reds.

Posey sat out most of last season, after a collision at home plate with Miami Marlins' outfielder Scott Cousins left Posey with a left leg injury that sidelined him from any physical activities until recently. Now, the Giants plan on testing that left leg in Spring Training and see how it reacts.

Monday, February 20, 2012

San Francisco Giants Smart to Tell Buster Posey Not to Block Home Plate

Bruce Bochy told catcher Buster Posey today not to block home plate if he has the chance, and that could not be a smarter move for the team's season and the franchise as a whole heading forward.

The collision involving Posey and Miami Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins at home plate last year ended Posey's season and pretty much ended the Giants' hopes of defending their World Series title.  That is exactly what

Bochy does not want that to happen this season, and he told

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 San Francisco Giants: Can Team Recover From Loss of Buster Posey?

San Francisco Giants fans' worst fears came true on May 25 when catcher Buster Posey was injured in a home plate collision with Florida Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins.

Posey broke a bone in his lower left leg and is out for the season after surgery on Sunday repaired three torn ligaments in his ankle.

The Giants have said that they are optimistic for his return on Opening Day 2012.

The "Collision Heard 'Round the World" has received equal part criticism of Cousins, and equal part freak accident.

Monday, May 16, 2011

San Francisco Giants: Buster Posey Will Be Changing Positions Sooner or Later

An article written for ESPN caught my attention this past week. The article was by David Schoenfield entitled "Mauer Position Change Becoming Inevitable."

Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins is batting .235 with 4 RBI's in just nine games this season. He has been hampered by a knee injury that has kept him on the DL since April 15, after being rushed back from arthroscopic surgery on his left knee during the offseason.

There is no current timetable for his return.

In the article, Schoenfield points that while Mauer's value at catcher may be high, his value

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

San Francisco Giants: Brandon Belt Seems Bound For AAA-Fresno

So the San Francisco Giants made a mistake. The hype was so huge coming out of Spring Training that the Giants ultimately had no choice but to start Brandon Belt on Opening Day at first base.

The Giants went against everything they have ever preached about their prospects by bringing up Belt to the majors to start the season.

Buster Posey waited until mid-season. Now look at him. So did Madison Bumgarner and a host of other players who now make up the young core of the Giants' competitive ball club.

Which is why murmurs of Belt's imminent departure for Fresno seems just about right for this situation.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the San Francisco Giants' First Week of the Season

It has not been the most ideal start to the 2011 baseball season for the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, but it could be worse.

A 2-4 start has some freaking out and others, like sane people, just calling it a bit of a World Series hangover, which it is.

The Giants have targets on their backs now that they have rings on their fingers (or will have rings on their fingers on Saturday). They will be taking everyone's best shot from here forward.

Call it a slump, a World Series hangover or whatever, but I'm going to call it like it should be called: a roadtrip.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

San Francisco Giants: 5 Question Marks Heading Into The 2011 Baseball Season

With Spring Training now in full swing, the San Francisco Giants have unofficially began their journey to repeat as World Series Champions.

After their improbable run to become baseball's 2010 World Champions, it is hard to say whether this team has yet to come down from that high.

A pretty mediocre and quiet offseason from the Giants' front office has this team against the odds once again.

Until you look at their pitching staff, when you quickly remember why this team won it all last season.

Still, there are question marks aplenty for this team.

Can they repeat? Will Brian Wilson's beard rule the world? Who is 'The Machine?'

Here are my 5 biggest question marks for the San Francisco Giants heading into the 2011 MLB season:

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Only Question Regarding Brandon Belt Is 'When?'

There is no question that Brandon Belt can play. We've seen it, and if we haven't seen it, we've heard about it. The kid is the real deal. The only question regarding the young phenom is "when?"

When will Brandon Belt play in the big leagues? To the San Francisco Giants, there are two available time slots for such an epic and much-awaited debut: Start of the season or during the season. There is no doubt, we will see Belt sometime soon, but fans just want to know when.

The Giants are notorious for seasoning their players low 'n slow in the minors. We saw it with pretty much the entire pitching staff they have now, and we saw it more recently with Buster Posey. You can't rush these things. The Giants want their players to stay in the minors where they can get regular at-bats and learn the game on a consistent playing level. Then when they're ready, they're professionals.

It's a proven method the Giants use because it works. That's why they're World Champions, because they know how to use their farm system and brew players for success.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seasoning Buster Posey

The anticipation of Buster Posey is almost too much these days. He is making absolute waves in Spring Training so far, and fans' #1 question heading into the regular season is when are we going to see Buster?

It seemed like the organization was sending a clear message to its fan-base a couple months ago when they re-signed Benjie Molina in a crazy turn of events. Could that have been a reaction to Posey's first-time experience in the Majors last season? Probably.

It seems like the Giants are being extremely careful with their "future." And the way it is looking, we will probably see Posey starting the year in AAA-Fresno. This is not bad, of course, they did sign Molina, who, next to Aubrey Huff or Pablo Sandoval is the team's best power hitter, and power is what the Giants have been needing for the past few seasons. Plus, I dont think the plan was to give Molina all that money to play back-up catcher.

But what shoud be done with Posey if he is such a key part in the future of the Giants franchise?

I say be gentle with him, he is fragile. People fail to remember that he played most of last season in Single-A, then was promoted to AAA for just a couple of months. Then they promoted him again to the Majors, and that did not turn out all that well. He is still young and there is a lot of time to get him into Major League Baseball shape, because right now he does not appear to be that way.

If the Giants want this kid to be a Rookie of the Year contender when he gets to the Majors (which is what everyone anticipates him to be), they will season him. Season him "low 'n slow" in AAA-Fresno for half the season, and then when the All-Star break comes, promote him to the Majors as the back-up catcher pending that he does well in AAA. Get him some at-bats here and there in 2010 and work him into the the starting roster come the 2011 season.

For now, keep Eli Whiteside at the back-up catcher position. In order for consistent production out of Molina, Molina will need constant time off, and Whiteside is good enough to share the load until Posey is seasoned.

Do not let this discourage you though, Giants fans. Posey will meet the anticipation, but in time. For now, enjoy the other young, solid players gracing the Giants roster this year, guys like Madison Bumgarner and Dan Runzler. But the Giants know they can keep Posey in their back pocket for now, and when he is ready, he will be the next big thing in baseball.